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Everything You Need To Know About Flatbed Truck

The flatbed truck is a common mode of transport for oversized loads. One must be very careful while choosing from the different flatbed carriers that are available in the market.

One should do prior research about the flatbed truck service companies like rcstrucking before hiring their services.

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While finding the flatbed service, it is wise to check credentials details including:

  1. Do they have a valid federal Auditory Bearer? Check the license and the truck driver to confirm that all licenses are in good standing.
  2. Whether it has been the carrier of cargo and liability insurance in accordance with flatbed transportation? All flatbed operators must have at least $ 100,000 in liability insurance. Get a written certificate of insurance and coverage with confirmation truckers insurance broker.
  3. Check the flatbed trucking company safety statistics by contacting the Federal Department of Transportation.
  4. Flatbed carriers typically include two hours of loading and unloading in the citation of their goods.
  5. Is the flatbed carrier offers Tarpaulins service in their quote?
  6. Do you cited partial load or full truck loads? Partial loads are cheaper but tend to take longer than a truckload.

There are a number of choices and considerations that the sender must evaluate when choosing from the different flatbed carriers.