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What Summer Accessories You Must Have

Want to dress up that plain old ponytail? Or maybe you just want to find something a bit cuter and trendier than a regular bobby pin to hold those side-swept bangs in place while showing off that great new summer cut. You can shop for hair accessories from

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Let's take a look at the different styles and kinds of hair accessories trending for summer…

  • Headbands

Not just any headband! This summer is on the lookout for headbands. They're cheap, come in almost any colour and happen to look especially fantastic on a 60's style hairdo with a little outward flip at the bottom of those lovely, loose locks.

  • Pins and barrette 

This season, floral and nature-inspired accents are really in. Instant glam without overpowering. Expect to see barrettes and pins sporting jewelled insects, butterflies, and floral motifs this summer, but unlike the ones from ten years ago, these will be smaller, more elegant and classy.

  • Ponytail Holders

Here's how to dress up that ponytail. Jade, coral, turquoise and other natural stoned ponytail holders are the tricks. These are great because most of the time you can coordinate necklaces and other jewellery to match easily, especially if you're wearing a mixture of different coloured stones/beads. 

Look much more put-together than with a plain black elastic band or the long outdated "scrunchy". The extra good news on this one is that these go with anything from t-shirts to dressy tops to the little black dress and you can always let the ponytail holders make a statement on their own if you don't want to pair them up with jewellery.