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Choosing The Right Mountain Bike for Your First Race Adventure

One of you biggest investments when considering taking on an adventure race is your mountain bike. Generally, the boat for the paddle section will either be provided for you by the race organizers or you will rent it. If you are looking for more information about mountain bike then speed-e is the best option for you. 

Choosing The Right Mountain Bike for Your First Race Adventure

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Gears for trekking and navigation sections minimal, and many races did not even include a section hike again, so keep most of the budget for your bike.


Hardtail between mountain bikers lingo for a bike that simply has shocks on the front fork, so that "hardtail." Generally, the hardtail is both lighter and less expensive than full-suspension Bikes Mountain. Shocks on the front end are designed to absorb some of the impact and bumps on the front tires while allowing for some added comfort and control.

Full suspension or Ganda

Full suspension means a mountain bike which has shocks on both the front forks and on the rear of the bike. More comfort and control, mainly downhill, come for a higher price and the additional load.


The good news is that the majority of entry-level bikes these days come with components that are adequate and will get you through your first practice session and the race. If you are a beginner or on a budget, I would recommend going with tail lengths to save money, keep the weight of the bike down, and ease maintenance requirements.