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Colocation Facility Cooling System Considerations

Most of the businesses know how to find colocation facilities that offer good internet services and opportunities for internet operators and providers. However, the cooling system is often overlooked.

If the cooling system fails, the device may overheat, causing power lines to fail and even damage the device. The cooling system for the collocation plant is divided into three areas: the factory site, cooling, and computer room air conditioning (CRAC). You can also check out hereto get more information about colocation facilities.

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Factory location

The server generates heat when running. These are usually blown by fans from the back of the server. Cool air enters through the openings in the front. Cabinet and server tiers should be set to control hot air coming from the server and conditioned air flowing into its intake points and to show “hot row versus server fan” and “cold line”facing the suction opening.

Cooling system

The chiller passes water coolant through the CRAC unit. The cooling system including pumps, pipes, and the chillers themselves The following points must be observed to ensure that the system is suitable for cooling the installation:

  • Enough capacity

  • Replacement modules for pumps and coolants that switch automatically

  • Routine maintenance

CRAC unit

A CRAC device is a massive special air conditioning system that regulates temperature and moisture. They are multi-part and complex – meaning damage can be common. CRAC units need to be maintained properly, but most importantly the advantages.