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Promoting the role of humor in Adult Development

The ability to appreciate humor relies heavily on the maturity level of the individual. Maturity also classifies one as "adult learners." Jack Mezirow wrote that only in adulthood that one becomes aware of the critical perception of the relationship assimilated conventional wisdom and strength.

And anything that can move people toward a more inclusive perspective can help the development of an adult. Humor supporting and promoting the development of adults who encourage examination and subsequent transformation perspective.

Promoting the role of humor in Adult Development

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A positive sense of humor has long been accepted as an indication of good emotional health. Freud viewed the ability to produce or appreciate humor as a condition of maturity, emphasizing the pleasure principle, and narcissism victory over the environmental situation of stress.

Aspects relevant to the humor of maturity are the ability to laugh at you, accept his limitations and others, and to see one's weaknesses from the perspective of funny. Mature people have a broad perspective based on life experience, and so it can see them and other people's problems from a larger perspective.

Humor encourages us to have self-acceptance, self-esteem, confidence, and self-discipline. These qualities similar to actualize Maslow: realistic; accept yourself, others and nature for what they are; spontaneous; Problem-centered rather than self-centered; have an appreciation of people and things in the fresh rather than how stereotypes.

The ability to identify with humanity, values , and democratic attitudes; a sense of humor is philosophical rather than hostile; reject conformity with the culture; beyond their neighborhood, not just cope with it.