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Benefits of a Salesforce Data Dictionary

What is the one thing every Salesforce Org has in common? Every person needs a way to keep employees on the same page through ever-changing sales process, product, integration, and data fields. Salesforce data dictionary is here that comes into play.

So how can the data dictionary Salesforce help you get your organization on the same page? A data dictionary is intuitive and business solutions that focus on documenting the unique and specific Salesforce org and allows you to create a shared vocabulary. You can also get the best data dictionary tools online via

This is where tools like Spekit can help. It attracts your metadata into the data dictionary Spekit Salesforce in real-time to ensure that users always have the latest and up to date info. Here is a simple yet powerful way to help you and others make this process simple:

  • It syncs all fields, objects and picklists using a secure API connection for metadata only, never customer information.
  • You can even assign an internal subject matter experts to collaborate and accuracy checks.
  • It can also be done through the import and export of bulk data through Excel spreadsheets to ensure you get mass amounts of data are synchronized immediately.
  • Finally, you can make sure you keep track of simple and complex integration into the org through custom metadata.

Using data dictionary to Salesforce has various benefits throughout your organization.

1. Create a shared vocabulary.

2. Reduce employee error

3. Accelerate the ramp-up time of your Salesforce team.

4. Build faster.

5. Remove risks.

6. Integrate and report data with ease