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An Introduction of ESD Flooring

Choosing the ESD flooring is the most challenging decision that specifiers meet in the course of making a world-class ESD program. The need for an effective ESD floor static protection, to eliminate electrostatic charges (electric charge, which is based on the surface of an isolated  body that establishes an electrostatic field) of materials and personnel needed in many industries.

ESD epoxy flooring affects the operational performance of your organisation, as well as your company’s image. Companies worldwide have invested in the ESD program, and their investments pay dividends. 

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Charged-device Model (CDM) is a model used by many organizations to characterize the susceptibility of electronic devices against damage from electrostatic discharge. 

CDM model is an alternative to the HBM (human-body models) which is a simulation of the discharge that may occur when an individual touches electronic devices. The Human-Body Model (HBM) establishes necessary procedures to model the test event.

In the CDM model, the device is exposed to a charge at the standard voltage level, and then tested to survive. If the device withstands this voltage level, it is tested at the next level by placing the charged device on the work surface that is too conductive or placing it in highly conductive containers.